Monday, September 23, 2013

Cow Suits in the Carry On

I’ve never been more excited for work. I’m beginning a two week stint in New England today. The project work is a perfect mixture of challenging and fun; frustrating but rewarding.  My career has been due for a cattle prod and here it is.

And it’s arrived on the autumn equinox. Holy cow!   Fall in New England on the company dime. Could it get better?
Why yes. Yes, it could.

I was mountain biking a few weeks ago back home with one of my best biking buddies.  When I told her about missing our usual fall rides due to work, she said, “My parents have a vacation house in Vermont. Are you interested in the key?”
My tire swerved.

Since I’ll have the weekend to myself, I HAD to pack a few cow suits in my carry-on.
Vermont is full of cows and there’ll be a few more smiling ones in the coming days. I can’t wait.

Life’s had a few hiccups lately—a lot of questions. It’s a great time to dive into some engineering. It’s why I like it: there are always answers. Concrete, scientific solutions are out there when I’m persistent. Some I’ll find on my own. Others will come from collaboration with colleagues. Every problem associated with a project like this will have a resolution.

My life’s answers may not come as scientifically or with such certainty, but they will come.  The key is to carry on.



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