Saturday, September 28, 2013

Comfort in a Cup of Coffee & a Cow Suit

I woke up in Vermont today. I’ve never done that before. I’m not someone who experiences the starkly new very often. I live three blocks from where I was born—in a house that I have owned TWICE. My house is minutes from my college dorm, my high school, my office, my childhood home… my entire life. It’s hard to discern the comfortable from the stifling at times.  

I sipped TOO MUCH COFFEE this morning in my new mug from my pal Kerry (see “Fluff ‘n’ Udder.) I like the comfortable ritual that is my morning coffee. It was “moo and improved” today. I watched the sun wash over some breath taking New England woods. I am heading out shortly to pick up Lydia, a neighbor kid from Idaho who’s attending college out here. I hear she’s a touch home sick. She must be because she didn’t think twice before saying “YES!” to a cowing adventure with me. I’m guessing she could use a little hometown comfort.

I think I find comfort in a cow suit. Well, maybe not so much comfort, but definitely joy. Hmmm….I suppose by the transitive property if cowsuit = joy and joy = comfort, then I’ll be damned! I DO find comfort in a cow suit. Here’s hoping that young Lydia does too.

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