Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Cow’s Width Apart

It started as a casual post on social media about a pet peeve, and now it’s become something I’m “known for” among friends. 

When people put out their garbage and recycling bins, they often don’t adhere to the spacing rules and place them too close together or too close to a parked car. This results in sanitation workers having to either get off their trucks and physically move them or go through multiple attempts at placing the arms to pick up bins. 

This. Drives. Me. Crazy.  CRAZY.
This isn't some engineer's OCD, but rather here are the main issues:

  1. There’s a rule on spacing the garbage and recycling bins. Rules are in place to promote order and safety. Originally when Pocatello’s recycling program came out, I swear it was 6 feet—about a cow’s width apart.  Then I recall seeing 4 feet in literature, but today when I googled, it’s down to 2-3 feet. Fine. 2-3 feet, but ya know what?  If you space your bins a cow’s width apart, it is SO much easier for the workers to handle. 
  2. If a minor effort on your part could make life easier for someone, why not do it? We need more kindness in this world. Period. Spacing your bins properly is a kind thing to do for the sanitation workers. (And apparently for me.)  

It’s an easy thing to do. It's follows the rules. It makes the sanitation workers job easier and this cow happy.  Spacing your garbage and recycling bins: easy, right, and kind.

When in doubt, go with a cow's width apart.