Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A New Hip and a Visit from the Herd

I have had a rough few days. I’m afraid to sit down to type for fear of what’s going to trickle out of my fingers.  I have some exciting things planned for this blog, but last Sunday I couldn’t imagine putting on the suit for a long, long time.  I was sadder and madder that I couldn’t imagine cowing.

I can’t tell you the comfort that swept over me when I was presented with the opportunity—more than that—the udder responsibility to put my cow suit on and spread some cheer today.

I deactivated my Facebook account this week. I need some good ole alone time and technological detoxing. (She said as she typed her blog.) My friend called me and said, “You have to get back on Facebook. Esther is looking for you. She’s having surgery this week.”  Whoa. What? Esther’s birthday is this week. It must be serious.

So, I reactivated my account and sure enough, her status said, “Billie, where are you? I need you.” I sent Esther a private message and she let me know she was having a full hip replacement and would be in the Blackfoot hospital. Uncanny. I had a meeting in Blackfoot tonight, so it was perfect timing for me to visit.
I met Esther when two of her kids went to the school where I volunteered. She is a proud mother of a whole herd of grown kids and reminds me of my mom. Her love of her kids is palpable, and her energy has always been soothing and uplifting to me. Esther was widowed unexpectedly a few years ago and her life was turned upside down. I know that many of her days are weary, but she summons a strength from somewhere and perseveres.  You do that when you have kids and grandkids. Ya just do.
My friend Krystal (who’s going to get her own entry) went with me tonight in a cow suit, too. It was zen to see Esther’s face as she recognized the cow print way down the hospital corridor trotting toward her. That smile. That sweet mother’s smile.  I think it did more for me tonight than these silly udders and ears could have possibly done for Esther. I love that she was willing to don the ears and horns for a picture. LOVE. 

When I got my phone back to see the photo. It struck me how much she looks like my mom. I only have a handful of pictures of my mom because she never let people take her picture. For heaven’s sake, Moms! Let your kids take your pictures.  

 I’m so glad Esther reached out for me to come visit her. I hope the heifers helped her on her path to healing. She helped me on my own path tonight. Thank you, Esther and have a Happy Birthday!



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