Sunday, October 2, 2016

Honeymoooon 2016

A honeymoooon wouldn't be complete without a lil cowing.  These pics were taken in Sun Valley, Ketchum and Hailey just a few weeks ago. We forgot to pack our cow suits, but thanks to good ole social media and a herd of friends, they were delivered on the last night of our trip.

A friend who lives in Hailey was heading to Rupert for her son's soccer game while the grandparents were going to be attending from Pocatello. Another friend was able to rifle through our bin of suits and shuttle them to the grandparents' house. God bless the retired gentlemen for not asking any questions and simply delivering the suits to his daughter-in-law who then dropped them off to us at Sun Valley Brewing in Hailey.

You'll notice that Jena's cow suit is purple. When I proposed to her, I didn't ask her with a ring--I asked with a custom-made purple cow suit. Almost a year and a half later, here we are ...

First pic with our server, Denver. She was swamped that night, but did a great job!
Restroom sign at the Kneadery in Ketchum. Klever
Had to kick off the honeymoooon cowing with a ring pic outside the condo.
Some awesome friends let us stay in their condo for the week. The number of their unit happens to be my mom's birthday. I love these little cow-incidences.
Suiting up inside the condo before heading out.
The colors and lighting of the week was simply grand.
Where she relaxed the day before while I mountain biked. Lovely views.
Another favorite relaxation point just yards from our accomodations.
Outside the Sun Valley Lodge.

So many pretty bikes.
Pond at the resort. We just missed the paddle boats.

I find empty volleyball courts so lonely--like Main Street at 3am.
The pool attendant from New Zealand was also our dinner hostess the first night. She was great!

Practically had the pool all to ourselves for the week.

Avoiding the sprinklers in the Village.
Picturesque scenes everywhere

Pond. Ducks. Flowers. Cows.
She kept wanting to cuddle with the ducks. Ummm
We'd visited the spa the day before. Sublime

Beyonce chickens were everywhere! (google it)
Decided to try Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises" per my pal Josh

The seasonal clearance racks kept calling us.
Souvenir cow bell!

We had to check out the local Episcopal Church.
Years ago, I had labyrinth races with M & MJ here after dark. (They're supposed to be for meditation.) It was nice to share this place and that memory with Jena.
So apro pos for me. They're missing some O's, though

The big chair!
Sneaking a snapshot.
I'm just not sure who'd want to decorate with that.

Or this

At the Sawtooth Brewry. The Idahome was a lil potent for me the day before. Yummy, but yowza.  Altitude warnings would have been good.

The bartender, bless his heart, never got one in focus. This was the best of 12.
Sharing a club and trying the "Wedding Wit" Delicious!

Heading out on their green belt to find my favorite bridge.
Checking out the original railroad tracks
This old gal was riding in a rainbow sherbet colored ensemble. She was delightful.

Shadow pics make me smile.
Every time I pass through the area, Jena is so great about encouraging a little visit to Mom's grave. Mom always got a kick out of my original cow suit.
I mean--she's not here to disagree.
This... Us.  Our trip and our beginning is what turned out awesome.

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