Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My "Kid" in a Cow Suit

My friend Krystal made a little suit
for Quincy's brother Bob, but she
wanted to wear it today.
I’ve never put on the cow suit with as much dread.  I’m not dreading the cow suit but rather where I’m going. I’m taking my 12 ½ year old golden retriever to the vet for a tumor removal and a chest x-ray.

We missed Halloween, so Quincy and I are wearing our suits this morning, darn it! She is the first dog I've ever owned. She is a naughty pain in the @$$, but I love the lil thing.
This tumor is slightly smaller than a tennis ball. Quincy loves tennis balls! She’s got lumpy lypomas all over her body, but this lump is different. It surfaced during my last 2-week business trip, and it’s warm to the touch. The vet let me know that if the x-ray shows more tumors or spots, he won’t proceed with the removal.

I know when I get a pet that I sign up for this part, but damn. I’ll be a heavy heifer wrought with worry for a few hours…
UPDATE: Her chest scan was clean and the whole procedure went as good as it possibly could. Her incision is more than 12 inches long, though, with over 70 staple stitches. It's scary. As I watch her continue to sleep off the anesthesia, it's hard it believe how spritefull she was this morning.

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