Monday, December 30, 2013

Goooo Team Beef!

Happy Birthday, Ben!

This is Ben. He's the guy that I first ever donned the cow suit to root for in a race. His (dare I say) mid-life crisis decision to run a marathon was the cow-tipping point for the heifer cheering section. I had to cow tonight for his 40th birthday. 
I never get a picture with him because he's always running.
Some things about Ben...he's a math & science guy who loves a good geeky pun as much as I do. He is smiling much more often than not. He probably would not like you to know he's a "tech guy" because he already gets a lot of calls from friends when their caps lock is on and their password doesn't work. He is an avid runner now, and is usually one of the first people I know to pass the cows whenever we cheer. (Although we are getting to know some of the regular runners in our community.) 

In many of his races, he wears a bright red shirt that says "Team Beef." Out of the blue for his first run, they asked if he'd wear their shirt if they paid his registration fee. He didn't know we were going to cheer for him that first time in September of 2011 and I didn't know he'd be touting Team Beef.  That right there...bovine intervention.

Oh...and now he's 40!

Always wishing you green pastures and sunny skies. See you at the next stampede!

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