Friday, October 11, 2013

Cows Skipping

My cow experiences are growing in number and richness daily. Ok, not quite daily. I’ve still got to balance the day job and navigating of boundaries of social acceptance that is the cow suit, but the memoories are certainly mounting.

I did not go into my day thinking I’d get into the cow suit. It was a Thursday. A work day. A big, important work day full of seriousness and scheduling and presenting and planning.  Sometimes I plan too much. Once on a weeklong vacation to Hawaii, we knew a lot of the things we wanted to accomplish, so we wrote them down and made a plan. We actually penciled in “Be Spontaneous” for a couple hours one morning. Oy.
My penchant for planning is one of my greatest strengths, but also my most crippling weakness. At times it leaves me rigid. Unyielding. Judgmental.  Those faults are forced away in the cow suit because they don't stand a chance with floppy ears and udders. They also don’t stand a chance in moments spent with children.
This is Rene. She is a spirited, witty 9 year old visiting Idaho for the first time and she about jumped right over the moon at a chance to wear a cow suit.
The pictures tell our night's story...
Rene is watching people exit the restaurant. It looks like it's only a suit and a hood, but it comes with a new set of eyes as well.

Getting up the nerve to go into a sporting good store.

It's easier with a tall cow to lean on.
First we went to look at running shoes for me. (The suit's getting a little too snug!) A task focused on me diverted her attention perfectly.
She flitted between the discomfort and freedom of the costume. Wanting to run surfaced to the top of her cow suit sentiment.
Sometimes ya wanna settle into a little ca-moo-flage, though, and not be quite as exposed.
And she's starting to feel "safe" in the suit. (What a cute lil Safe-Cracker Calf!)
The former volleyball player in me can only comment on what a great setting posture her hands have here. Those are not the hooves of a basketball player. (yet?)
I wasn't allowed to set in college. My nicknames were "Forks" and "Meat Hook."
(The irony...)
And finally...the pose of complete cow suit ease. Hooray, Rene!!
Here she exclaimed in udder glee, "I'm looking through the nostrils!"
Awesome. Always, find different ways to see the world, Lil Calf.
On the way back to her corral for the night, I asked Rene a few questions about her experience.
Me: How did the cow suit make you feel?
Rene: Like running and skipping!!
Which we did.
Another conversation went like this:
Me: Did the cow suit make you uncomfortable?
Rene: Yeah. At first.
Me: Well, what made it comfortable?
Rene: [with a muffled giggle] You.
That is one of the best complements I could receive. I helped a kid feel comfortable. I should call it a week because there's really nothing more to accomplish after that.
Oh. Wait.
Another wave of seriousness and scheduling and presenting and planning lies ahead of me today. After skipping it all for a few hours last night, I'm ready.

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