Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hair of the Cow!

Cow suits-- hungover
The Sundays after a great Cow Suit Saturday can be rough. Mellow. Almost a letdown after the jubilant highs of the day before. I hesitate to compare it to a hangover, but…. Hey, if the suit fits.

Some will tell ya the best way to soothe the effects of a hangover is to throw more alcohol at it. It’s been likened to a belief from Shakespeare’s time that applying hair of a dog that bit you to a wound will prevent infection. So in that spirit today…. Hair of the Cow!
I left my sublime accommodations in Vermont to head back to New Hampshire for the work week. My mom’s college roommate and her husband live in a little town not far off my route, so I emailed and asked if I could stop in.  I changed into a cow suit on the side of the road and could feel my cow suit comfort zone being tested and expanded.
My mom's college roommate from the University of Wisconsin.
Kaye and Mike ran a Bed & Breakfast in New Hampshire for years.  I can tell ya—you’ve never met more hospitable, welcoming folks. I let her know I’d be showing up in a cow suit and provided a link to the blog to give her a heads up.

My mom adored Kaye. She and Mike oughta have a few dedicated blogs here, but only after I get some of the stories from over the years organized in my head.
 While I visited with her today, I recalled yesterday and my time with a pair of college roommates—same friendship dynamic developing, but 50 years later.  And as I type, I’m hanging out with one of my best buddies from my college years.  Geeze—all of this college talk and the earlier reference has me wanting a beer.
I hope for more visits with Kaye if these work trips continue and look forward to more stories of years gone by.  I know she’s got some great ones. Cheers!

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